People tend to confuse 3-D animation with 3-D images. When referring to 3-D animation, the 3-D means that the CGI (computer generated image) is created and maneuvered within a virtual 3-D space, a mathematical based world consisting on 3 axis of dimensions rather than 2, like paper.

3-D Animation MAY be screened in 3-D image form – one which requires special glasses or screens in order to enjoy the experience.

3D-Animation is the “youngest” of all animation mediums, yet it is very versatile and may even be used to imitate classical animation and Claymation. It is among the most popular mediums of animation today, loved by children and adults. Often it is used for special effects in live-action movies and commercial, because of the ability to create physically realistic life-imitations and simulations (such as liquids, explosions, fabric and materials, and so forth).